The purpose of the rules is to achieve the maximum effect of procedures on the human body to ensure the safety of all visitors to this vital world. Every visitor is obliged to familiarize himself / herself with this visitor code when entering the Wellness Center and observe its provisions. By purchasing the ticket, the visitor accepts the visitor’s order and its provisions become binding for the visitor

Entrance to wellness

1. Access to the premises is only permitted during operation and with a valid ticket and chip bracelet. The Chip Bracelet is required to be handed over by the visitor upon departure. In case of loss of the chip bracelet or its depreciation, the visitor must pay € 5.00. The ticket price includes a sail and a bath towel. Opening hours are 16: 00-22: 00 (change of opening hours reserved). Entering the sauna world is a one-time, maximum 3 hours, if the time is exceeded, the visitor is obliged to pay the supplement.
2. The operator reserves the right to close the Wellness Center during the opening hours for the closed company (group reservation). During this time the wellness center is closed to the public.
3. No refunds for lost or used tickets.
4. Dressing room with a complex social facilities (toilets, showers) is available for changing. Store clothing and shoes in cabinets located in the locker room.
5. The visitor is fully responsible for locking the locker in which he has stored personal belongings, clothes and shoes. If you wish, store your valuables in the safe, which is available in the wellness reception.
6. The visitor enters the space in the space of the room where he had previously stored his personal belongings in a designated cupboard, washed his whole body with soap, showered and wiped thoroughly. Entry in swimsuits or other clothing is prohibited.
7. In the case of wishes and complaints, it is necessary to contact the serving employee.
8. First aid is provided by the servant.
9. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of designated responsible employees.
10. Visitors are obliged to maintain cleanliness and order in the Wellness area.
11. The Vital World is the common space of men and women, with the visit of children, respectively. juveniles under the age of 15 is prohibited.
12. The Vital World is an oasis of the sensory organs of heat, sound, smell, and so on, so visitors are required to maintain peace and quiet.
13. It is unacceptable to bring glass jars, bottles, etc. into the vital world.
14. Before you enter the world of water, heat, sound and smell leave your worries and problems in front of the door – please come in!

Entry not allowed into the vital world

1. Staying in individual areas, which is basically composed of hot, cold, water and relaxation areas, is intended only for healthy persons.
2. Persons suffering from vascular and cardiac diseases have access to the premises of the relaxation center, forbidden or disabled. they must be aware of the possibility of adversely affecting their organism and of the envisioned visitors of the space they have to deal with their own person. The visitor of the vital world must realize that he enters his own danger in his premises!
3. It is also forbidden to enter the vital world for persons suffering from symptoms of acute illness, especially inflammation of the airways, elevated temperatures, cough, rash, diarrhea, headache, malaise, festering, or bloody wounds.
4. Furthermore, entry into the vital world is not permitted to persons suffering from infectious diseases, carnivores, persons with infectious diseases in the immediate vicinity.
5. Entrance to the vital world is strictly forbidden to those who show signs of use of alcohol, mud and dirty persons.
6. Access to the wellness may be denied to persons who, despite the warning, show aggressive and uncontrollable behavior, violate the rules of the visitor’s order, do not respect the principles of hygiene and safety and their behavior is contrary to moral and social principles.
7. Animals are not allowed to enter the Wellness.
8. Drinking and eating are prohibited in the relaxation center. Smoking is strictly forbidden throughout the property!


1. The visitor is obliged to behave in the Wellness area in a way that does not damage or undermine the Wellness property.
2. The visitor is obliged to compensate for any damage caused by his actions or omissions.
3. Parents or accompanying persons over 15 years of age are fully responsible for the behavior of children and the operator is not liable for any injury or personal injury in the event of a breach of the Rules of Operation or other prohibition.
4. The Operator shall not be liable for damages, injuries or injuries caused by carelessness or failure to comply with this visitor’s order or instructions of the responsible Wellnes employees.
5. Damage caused by visitors to the Wellness Center will be recovered according to the valid legislation of the Slovak Republic.

Recommended process of visiting the vital world

1. In the sauna you should be sitting on the sail.
2. In the sauna breath in through your mouth, as high temperature and dry air dry the mucosa and may cause headaches.
3. Take care, do not speak loudly, take into account other visitors.
4. Staying in the vital world is recommended to start in steam rooms where temperatures reach max. 55 ° C at 100% ambient humidity. Information on temperature, humidity and recommended length of stay can be found in the information table at the entrance to the individual areas. And then the procedures follow, with the conclusion of a classic hot sauna.
5. After each hot or hot procedure, use the body to cool down in the massage shower, summer rain.
6. The overall stay in the relaxation center should not exceed 2 – 3 hours from a health point of view, while the individual condition of each individual is decisive.
7. Any injury, injury, extraordinary event occurring in the Vital area must be reported to the operating personnel, who will provide the necessary treatment or medical assistance.

Vital world – the kind and right way of using services

When using the individual procedures of the Vital World, we recommend gradual loading of the organism, ie. stay in a steam bath, then a hot sauna and then relax. Between the procedures it is recommended to cool the body and 5 – 10 minutes regeneration break.
1 / Hot sauna – is derived from a classic Finnish sauna with a temperature in the range of 95 – 98 ° C. The relative humidity ranges from 45 to 50%. The recommended length of stay is 15 – 20 minutes with repeating 2 – 3 times in a row. After the body has overheated, it must cool down and relax slightly. It is important not to overestimate your strengths and to be based on the visitor’s individual health condition.
The attraction of our hot sauna is the attractive sauna oven, which automatically humidifies the space by transferring lava stones from the furnace area to a copper kettle with water. Said automatic process ensures steady humidity of the space.
2 / Ice bucket is part of the cooling space at the cooling pool and serves to cool the body in a milder form. The water volume is about 12 liters and has a temperature of 8-12 ° C.
3 / Cooling Pool – is a cooling space after a warm and hot procedure. Cooling the body is slow to enter the pool, brave it by jumping into the cold water. Cooling the body with shock therapy often seen as the peak of body cooling and the most beautiful procedure for sauna gourmets. Please do not overestimate your strength and never cool yourself. Water temperature at 8 – 12 ° C.
4 / Steam sauna – menthol inhalation – the temperature in the sauna ranges from 45 to 55 o C, the relative humidity is 100%. The air is saturated with natural peppermint oil, resp. menthol. The procedure clears the upper airways. The recommended length of stay in this area is also 15 minutes. Capacity of 6 people.
5 / Infra sauna – is a mild body overheating procedure and is suitable for people who are not very hot. Deep heat stimulates muscles and organs, resulting in strong sweating. Increasing body temperature ensures blood flow. Infra sauna is very pleasant and does not burden excess organism. Body surface temperature, max 2 mm under the skin is 40 – 42 ° C, air humidity in the space is between 42 – 45 ° C. We recommend staying in the cabin for 15 – 20 min. with double repetitions.
6 / Roman steam sauna – the temperature in the sauna ranges from 42 – 44 ° C. relative humidity is 100%. The air is not saturated with natural oil, which will be appreciated by allergy sufferers. The procedure clears the upper airways. The recommended time of stay in this area is within 20 minutes. Double repeat option.
7 / Herbal Inhalation – is derived from a classic Finnish sauna with a temperature of 45-60 ° C. The relative humidity ranges from 55-60%. Natural aromas of chamomile and jasmine evaporate into the space. The recommended length of stay is up to 25 minutes.
8 / Drinking Water Fountain – Staying in a vital world is also challenging to maintain a drinking program. Refreshing with drinking water is necessary and at 3-hour. stay at least four times.
9 / Whirpool – Each person has a hydro-massage nozzle with aeration, centrally airborne geyser. Full automatic pool operation with water temperature 34 – 36 ° C. In 20 minutes, your body will be sufficiently curtailed.
10 / Kneipp Baths – Four monolithic pools with automatic water filling and draining technology. Hot water is aerated. The water temperature difference of 15 – 36 ° C makes this procedure unique to the blood flow of our feet. Massage stones massage the lower leg. However, a walk of 5-8 minutes is required for the procedure, and we should remain in the pool for about half a minute.
11 / Light therapy shower – automatic shower with large 300 mm rosette. Lighted splashing water is a pleasant relaxation. Water temperature adjustable in two thermal stages. The choice of summer and hot water. Starting the water with a non-contact capacitive button.
12 / Massage Shower – is a popular procedure for blood circulation throughout the body by the water temperature of your choice. The refresh time is dosed automatically.
13 / Turbo Shower – is a modern and hygienically effective form of whole body cooling. The refresh time is automatically dosed.
14 / Loungers – we recommend you to complete the final stage in the vital world. Sit comfortably on heated sofas with pads, relax, close your eyes and let yourself drift.
15 / Tepidarium – a classic relaxing warm bath with heated loungers, which is the very end of a stay in a vital world with the possibility of a pleasant sitting.