Wellness Bystrina

relaxation in Demanovska Valley begins

Enter our wellness area and enjoy relaxation not only in steam saunas but also in infra sauna, Finnish sauna and herbal sauna. Especially allergic people will appreciate the Roman steam sauna because the air is not saturated with natural oil. The advantage of our Finnish sauna is the attractive sauna oven, which automatically moistens the space by transferring lava stones from the furnace area to a copper kettle with water, thus ensuring a steady humidity of the space. Those who do not tolerate the high temperature will enjoy a stay in an infra sauna that is very pleasant and does not burden the excess organism.

Indulge in perfect blood circulation in your body with hydromassage jets and airy geyser in the whirlpool, or circulate the blood in the feet by the Kneipp bath using stones. For the sauna gourmets, we have prepared the most beautiful procedure – cooling pool. If you prefer a milder form of cooling, be sure to use the ice bucket or one of our showers – shower with light therapy, massage shower or turbo shower.

Stay in a vital world at the end of the warm sun loungers or our tepidarium. This procedure is made more attractive by the mirroring effect, which induces an undulating atmosphere on the ceiling. During your stay in our wellness you can order various kinds of massages – sports massage, relaxation massage, soft techniques, or enjoy moments with our procedures – oxygen therapy, peat wrap, paraffin wrap of hands.