Cancellation conditions

Bystrina Resort

In case of binding reservation cancellation from the side of the guest, the accommodation provider has the right for the loos compensation in the form of cancellation fee that would be calculated as follows:

1. Reservation and payment conditions
– 50% advance payment, payable within 7 days of booking confirmation
– if the deposit is not paid by the due date, the reservation is automatically cancelled
– crediting the financial amount to the hotel account is considered as payment

2. Cancellation conditions

– 50% advance payment is non-refundable in case of cancellation

3. Changing the date of stay

– the date of stay can be changed no later than 7 days before arrival and only within one calendar year
– if the price of the stay for the original date is higher than the price for the newly confirmed date, the difference is not returned, but it can be used up in services.
– in case that the price of the stay for the original date is lower than the price for the newly confirmed date, it is necessary to pay the difference in price no later than 3 days after the confirmation of the change
– the stay can be changed only 1 time. Another change is considered a cancellation and the deposit paid to the client is forfeited

4. Shortening of stay and early departure
– cancellation fees in the amount of 100% of the price of the stay apply to shortening the stay and early departure

* if the binding reservation is cancelled 1 day or on the day of arrival, the cancellation fee amounts to 100% from the total sum of accommodation (1. board included)

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